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16 Dec, 2021
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Emergency Electrical Services – the complete lowdown

Forget Gotham City and its Bat-Signal – let’s talk about how and when to call for Penrith’s 24/7 electrical emergency superheroes

We’re on 24 hours a day because electrical faults always happen at the most inconvenient times

Just like unexpected visits from the in-laws, electrical faults are always inconvenient. It’s because we’re completely consumed by technology – to run our home, do our jobs, and entertain our exhausted brains at the end of a long day (hello Netflix).

It’s why we’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And in delivering emergency services across the lower Blue Mountains and Penrith (think Glenmore Park, Emu Plains, Cranebrook, Jordan Springs and more), one thing has become clear; we all interpret the term ‘electrical emergency’ differently.

For us, it’s about safety. So in the interests of your safety (as well as the safety of your family, home, business, clients, colleagues, neighbours, pets and let’s not forget great-aunt Maude), we thought we’d provide a few examples of:

What is an electrical emergency?

If you experience any of the following smells, sights, sounds or sensations, call us immediately – they’re indicators of an electrical emergency:


A burning smell – like burning wires, chemicals or plastic – in your fuse box or when lights or appliances are turned on


Electrical sparking from powerpoints, circuit breakers or fuse boxes, lights flickering or dimming, or smoke coming out of a device or wiring


Zapping, cracking, popping, buzzing, humming, fizzing or other strange noises


Plugs, powerpoints, switchboards and other devices feeling hot to the touch.

These are all safety issues that require immediate attention.

Don’t ever compromise on safety – it’s why we’ll happily travel all over the Blue Mountains and greater Penrith to deliver 24-hour emergency electrical services, day or night.

How are same-day electrical services different?

The difference is only slight, with the major factor being safety.

Same-day electrical services address problems with your electricity supply that impact on your daily routine but don’t present an immediate safety risk. They are, however, annoying and stressful, particularly if you’re working or studying from home. And if you’re running a business they can also present a financial cost, not to mention having a negative impact on your reputation.

If you have any of the following problems, call immediately and we’ll drop everything (don’t worry – we’ll keep our superhero capes on) and be there that very same day to help.

So what is a standard (or ‘routine’) electrical fault?

We classify routine electrical work as planned, and not responsive, works. This includes consulting, design and installation works, such as:

Breaking it all down – the defining difference between emergency, same day, and standard electrical services

For us, the defining difference is impact.  

A quick note on emergency electrical services during Christmas, Easter, Public Holidays, at midnight…

Unexpected electrical problems are just that – unexpected. Routine electrical maintenance can reduce or almost eliminate electrical faults, but even superheroes like us can’t pick it.

So just like Batman, we’re available public holidays, weekends, and after hours. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Christmas Day. Boxing Day. Australia Day. Easter. Queen’s Birthday. Melbourne Cup Day. Sizzling Saturdays, Sleep-in Sundays.

You name it, we’ll be there when you need us.

Better than Batman? Of course.

Well, the Bat-Signal can’t work without electricity, can it?

It’s why we’re the caped crusaders charged with saving Penrith, the Blue Mountains and surrounds from electrical emergencies. 

With 24/7 emergency services and sexier Hiaces than the Batmobile, just who IS the ultimate superhero?

(Rhetorical question – it’s us. But in all seriousness, call us on 02 4722 2344 for any kind of electrical assistance; we’re not only great electricians but also top-notch people.)

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