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It’s true.

We’re a team of experienced electricians servicing Penrith, the Blue Mountains, and Greater Western Sydney.

But more importantly, we’re also a team of genuinely good people. And that’s the Leonay Electrical difference.

Leonay Electrical is owned and operated by Penrith’s Luke Martin.
Chief Conductor (AKA Boss)
    Waiting for hypercolour t-shirts to be back in fashion

    Leonay Electrical’s fearless leader is a simple guy at heart. He works hard (and thinks everyone else should too), plays as much golf as he can fit in, and enjoys nothing more than hanging out with family on his rare days off.

    He’s a devoted Parramatta Eels fan who discovered that early-morning workouts are a great way to combat his sweet tooth. He’ll turn down tea or coffee on the job but – despite his ‘the body is a temple’ mantra – will likely say yes to a donut if you’re offering.

    And before you ask – he not only still has his much-loved hyper-colour tees in storage but will be the first to crack them out the absolute second 90’s fashion makes a comeback. You’ve been warned.
    Wouldn’t mind being stranded on a deserted island with Margot Robbie

    Clayton joined Leonay Electrical in late 2019 and is our youngest sparky protégé. In between completing his electrical certificate with us, he loves having a laugh along to Carl Barron’s repertoire (who doesn’t?) and is guilty of playing a few too many video games (who isn’t?).

    When he’s not slaying the electrical field or totally vegging out, Clayton loves to play golf or head to the south coast for weekends in Manyana. He’s also a music fan, listening to rap, country, heavy metal, 90’s punk, and harbouring a serious respect for the oh-so-fine classics that emerged from the 80’s. (Foo fighters, though, will forever remain his all-time faves.)

    And, quite frankly, if he ever decides to run for President, we’d support him. Why? Well, he’s a great guy. And he’s promised ‘free beer for all’ as his first law… yes!

    In the meantime? We love having him on the team, enjoying his Frangos for lunch – his favourite subject in school! – and dreaming of Margot Robbie.
SuperSparkie in training
    Wishes he could travel back in time to 1887 to invent Coca-Cola

    A fan of lasagne and white chocolate, Ezra joined us as an (epic) apprentice directly following high school.

    He’s obsessed with skateboarding, spending as much downtime at possible at the skatepark with his mates. And you can’t half tell how much he loves it – if he could choose one superpower it would be flying, which we equate to a love of aerial tricks. He loves Ironman – who spends a lot of time in the air. And his favourite subject at school was physics – no doubt due to the whole skateboarding/velocity thing. See a trend?

    But Ezra is so much more than a young man in a brain bucket riding his grouse deck and wishing overalls would come back into fashion. He’s a fast learner with great communication skills and attention to detail. And if he runs for Parliament, let’s all support his initiative to introduce early finish Fridays.

    ‘Cause that would be gnarly, right?
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