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22 Nov, 2021
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An Electrician’s Tips for Planning Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can either make or break the vibe – whether you’re diy-ing or calling in the pros, be sure to hit the mark with our handy guide

Long summer nights glimmer with that special touch when you choose just the right outdoor lighting to set the mood. And aside from being able to see what’s on your plate and in your glass (!), you’ll prevent slips and spills (even when there’s stilettos and gin involved), and be able to truly make the most of the night.

But outdoor lighting’s easy, right? Why do I need to read a blog post about it, I hear you say.

Well, it IS simple, but as we all know, it’s the art of making something look effortless that takes years of experience to achieve.

Read on to get that magazine-worthy exterior that dreams are made of.

How to plan your outdoor lighting

1. Define your goals

What will you use the lighting for? Is it for ambience? Security? Safety? Or to highlight a feature? Well-chosen outdoor lighting provides safe navigation, showcases hardscapes and façades, and creates cosy family spaces and eye-catching party scenes.


2. Where?

Will you light up your pathways, benches, dark corners, seating areas, hardscapes, flower beds, beautiful trees, water features or the entire façade? Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t install any lights at eye level that will shine into people’s eyes.


3. Layer

Don’t overdo it or flood the space with just one single source of light. Harsh on the eyes and unfriendly, the key to not dazzling your guests (in the wrong way) is to layer your lighting.


4. Inside out

Check how your outdoor space looks from inside to see which bits you can highlight, bringing the outdoors in.


5. Get with the green

Maximise energy efficiency and cut costs at the same time. There are heaps of colours and wattages of LEDs to choose from so you can get the look just right for you, and you can welcome the time saved in light bulb changes since LEDs last much longer than incandescent or halogen light bulbs.


6. Light your way

More than just pretty lights, the practical side of a well-lit exterior is that all entry and exit points, like the garage and pathways, as well as any dark corners will be lit up and you can feel safe knowing what’s going on outside (and not tripping up on your way back home from dinner).


7. Think about street appeal

It’s worth considering that one day you may want to sell, so be sure to create a wow moment for potential buyers with the perfectly designed outdoor lighting to light up someone’s lifestyle dreams.


8. Speak to an electrician

An experienced, licenced electrician can not only advise you on outdoor lighting design for your business or home, including outlining all the different options available, but they’ll be able to safely install it, too.


9. Types of lighting

Consider overall lighting (illuminate the whole outdoor space), task lighting (for a specific purpose, like lighting up the dining table) and accent lighting (to draw attention to something or somewhere, usually with spotlights or floodlights).

Which outdoor lighting?

When planning your outdoor lighting, consider all your options, and choose a combination of different types of lighting to get the desired effect. Here’s a few we thought of to set you off on your way to achieving you’re the perfect outdoor night time scene.

LED garden lights



Wall lights

Security lights

LED in-ground lights

Deck and step lights

Party lights

Areas that could use a drop of light

Round up: Why bother with outdoor lighting?

Safety: No more fumbling in the dark.
Ambience: Layer lighting for a warm and welcoming effect.
Entertainment: Party into the night – in style.
Security: Intruder-proof your property and shine a light on any marauding.
Energy (and cost) efficiency: High quality fittings will last longer, save you money and time in the long run, and save the planet, too.

Our ⚡ electrifying ⚡ tips

1. Leave a trace: If you’re moving soon, make sure to leave the contact details of your electrician so that if they need to, they can get in touch to find out about any crossed wires.

2. Access & Infrastructure: Plan carefully to allow for future additions and maintenance.

3. Avoid overkill: Don’t feel you need to get every type of lighting mentioned and light your house up like a Christmas tree. Often, subtlety is best, and a few well-placed outdoor lights can revolutionise the aesthetic appeal of your home or business exterior.

Still not sure which lighting to choose? Get in touch with your local licenced electrician who will be able to help.

Are you local to the Blue Mountains and looking for outdoor lighting or garden lighting installation or advice?

Contact Luke and his friendly team of expert sparkies today.

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